Temple Street Foundation

We were delighted to launch another new fundraising campaign this week, raising money for the life-saving work that happens at Temple Street Children’s Hospital every day of the year. To learn more about the work that is carried out and how donations are used, visit http://www.templestreet.ie/


This week saw the launch of a new partnership with Sightsavers, the international charity fighting preventable blindness. Hopefully you will get to meet one of our Fundraisers in the near future who will be able to tell you all about the great work the charity does. Alternatively, you can learn more and even make a donation online at: https://www.sightsavers.ie/

Take customer loyalty for granted at your peril

After the most fractious U.S. election campaign in history, Donald Trump is set to become the first American President who has never held any elected government position or military rank.


Achieving your goals – it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Following on from our previous post on the importance of setting goals, we now want to take a closer look at how to do this effectively to increase your chances of achieving them.


The importance of setting goals

Most great achievements usually start with great visions. We have all had the latter right? Where you visualise your face on billboards across the globe starring in the latest blockbuster movie; or finding the cure for an incurable disease; or coming home to your multimillion-dollar mansion each evening to your beautiful family; or being the top salesperson every year in your company; or even something as simple as paying off all of your debts and being in the black. (more…)

What happens when you have a growth mindset at college…

As the Freshers Week hangover begins to subside and a semblance of sanity returns to student accommodation across the country, there will be tens of thousands of students waking up this morning (or early afternoon) to quite literally, the first day of the rest of their lives, AKA the first day of college.


How to stand out and make sales in a crowded marketplace

Having been the headline event on the Irish farming calendar since the early 1930’s, the National Ploughing Championships once again opens it’s gates this morning for the 85th consecutive year. As Europe’s largest outdoor exhibition and agricultural trade show, attendance numbers and revenues are steadily increasing, with a record 281,000 visitors spending just under €36.5 million at last year’s three-day event.


Now back to Rio for a lesson in self-belief

As the dust settles on the hugely successful Rio Olympics, all eyes now turn to the Paralympians who will be aiming to emulate their able bodied counterparts in bringing home a haul of medals for their respective nations. The Paralympic Games serve as a true spectacle of human grit and determination, where the majority of athletes have had to overcome huge amounts of adversity on their journey to the Maracanã.


Let’s Get Connected….

After several years working in direct sales and fundraising, we have seen our fair share of good and bad practice, good and bad companies, good and bad sales people, good and bad fundraisers and just about everything in between. We thought it might be useful to someone out there if we could, over the coming weeks, months and years, impart a few of the lessons and experiences gained along the way, whilst also taking a topical look at what is happening in the world and how those events can relate to our industry. (more…)

Trócaire Shopping Centre Campaign

We are thrilled to be back working with Trócaire for their new shopping centre campaign across Dublin and the North East.